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Krav Maga Hyoshi


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Of champion Alain Formaggio & Serge Alain Formaggio Serfaty: Worldwide Technical Director of the World Krav Maga Federation. This expert shows you simple and very realistic techniques that are applicable in self-defense. Krav Maga, which has its origin in Israeli combat techniques, has already given proof of its efficacy sufficient. Whether or not worked in the security field, his system is convincing more and more people who are willing to make their self-defense as powerful as possible. Serge Serfaty: Maccabi Karate World Champion, five-time European champion, trained Aikido and English boxing for 15 years, 7th Dan Karate. This mixture of ring and Dojo road has led him to Hyoshi, the “rhythm” of the struggle. The aim of this sporting discipline is fully adapt to their rhythm and allow them to impose their pace of their environment. It is based on a principle of martial arts: the doctrine of tempo, rhythm (“Hyoshi” in Japanese). Adapt their own pace and the opponent to enforce its Rhyhtmus and to gain the upper hand possible. Discover a unique DVD in their area. This unprecedented blend of techniques from Krav Maga and Hyoshi allows you a new perspective and a new approach to be always with the goal of efficient and effective. You will find that the synthesis of several styles is a benefit to the practitioner, as the self-defense must be rich and extensible, which affects both the sport and the fight. This DVD offers a number of unsustainable techniques, filmed from multiple angles, in real speed and in slow motion

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