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Wing Chun Kung-Fu Shaolin Sifu Didier Beddar


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Didier Beddar is still one of the best experts in Wing Chun. As he was 14, he started his martial training and studied Traditional Northern Shaolin Kung fu with Master Alan LEE for more than 10 years. Between 1987 and 1991, he left France and went to Australia in order to learn under the supervision of William Cheung.His destiny led him to the great Master Chang Xing Liang. Didier Beddar completed his training by learning the Chen style and practicing with many Chinese traditional weapons (9 segments chains, long stick, 3 segments swords).Today, he is an instructor within the Wing Chun Academy that he founded, and he is most involved in promoting traditional Wing Chun all around the world.Origins of Wing Chun :When China was invaded by the Mandchous, the temple of Shaolin became a secret sanctuary devoted to training.To master the classic style of King Fu 15 to 20 years of practice were required. In order to develop a new form that would shorten the training time, 5 great Chinese masters united. They discussed the advantages and the benefits of the different styles of Kung Fu.By choosing the most efficient techniques of each style, they established training programs that develop the efficiency of martial arts practitioners.InformationsReference: DVD 008Category: Kung-fuProducer: I-ProdDirector: Christophe DIEZYear of production: 2004Runtime: 1 hDVD complementary informationLANGUAGES : Francais – English – Deutsch – Espanol – PolishExtra features : Photo gallery – Trailers – Archives footageFormat : DVD 5 – PAL – Stereo – All Zones – ColorRatio : 4/3

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