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King Of The Cage: Greatest Hits [DVD]

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King of the Cage is the finest in mixed martial arts competition and a true evolution of combat. Featuring only professional, elite fighters from around the globe, King of the Cage is a competitive event pitting warrior against warrior in hand-to-hand battles of skill, honour and art. From Brazilian Ju-Jitsu to wrestling, Muay Thai to boxing, all styles are encouraged but in order to consistently win, participants must be well versed in every aspect of the fighting game. It’s about punches, kicks, elbows, knees, big knockouts, technical submissions, takedowns and strategy. It’s like no other sport you’ve ever seen! Through dozens of shows in front of packed houses nationwide, King of the Cage continues to strive to take the sport to the mainstream and the rest of the world will find out what fight fans have always known … King of the Cage is the ultimate sport!

Accept no imitations, prepare for bloodshed and fury and enter the event of the millennium! Which style will reign supreme? Which man will be left standing? Who will be King of the Cage?

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