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Physical Preparation Krav Maga Volume 1


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By Fabien GROS-DESORMEAUX & Aurelie KLEINNever seen before on DVD : a specific physical preparation for Krav Maga with a rubber band. You will find in this DVD many different exercises for physical preparation based on self-defence techniques such as : defence against attack with a knife, against hooks, genital kicks, low kicks, strikes from behind etc. Were you looking for a muscle-strengthening method linked to your discipline? Well now you’ve found it! Before starting to exercise, warm up with Fabien and Aurelie. Then you can actually start performing a whole series of techniques And finally if you’re brave enough, we offer 4 Training workshops:- 1 : A sequence taking up all the techniques explained before. 20 seconds of technique and 10 seconds of rest (length : about 15 minutes).- 2 : Specific training for the upper part of the body. Still based on the same principle : 20 seconds of technique and 10 seconds of rest.- 3 : Training for the lower part of the body. Still according to the principle of 20 seconds of technique and 10 seconds of rest.- 4 : A sequence of 4 exercises repeated 4 times, for muscle-strengthening purposes (length : about 8 minutes).The rubber band is not included in this DVD, so please get one so that you can work on all the different movements. This completely new approach will not only help you improve in your discipline, but also help you strengthen your muscles and your heart. So don’t hesitate any longer and practice! Good luck and good training.LANGUAGES : French – English – German – SpanishBONUS : Trailers – Photo Gallery70 mn

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