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Kyokushinkai Training Knock-Out Karate


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The Ultimate Training -Knock-out KarateThe Kyokushinkai style created by Master Oyama managed to make itself known around the world thanks to the extreme realism of its competition fights. Strikes are launched for real to the body, to the legs and to the head with the will to go to knock-out. No gloves, no leg protections and simple rules that aim at protecting the physical integrity of fighters.Cardio Training, Pao Work, Kumite combined in series, self development, technical improvement and strategy are the key words of this extreme training. An example to follow for all of you who are interested in the codified knock-out fighting sports.LANGUAGES : Francais English Deutsch EspanolEXTRA FEATURES : Chapters – Interactive Menus – Photo Gallery – Trailers – Handing-in of the belts – Competition Ruless

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