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9 1/2 Ninjas [DVD]

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Barcode: 5060034572053


The first erotic arts action comedy.

Joe Vogue, a ninja, butts heads with a real estate tycoon who has hired assassins to eliminate him. In addition to that he has to also protect and train a woman in the arts of ninjutsu.

A Critics Review: “There was litterally at least 1 bit per cut. Seriously, every time (and I mean EVERY time) the camera reframed a scene or cut to another actor, there was either a joke or sight gag. To the point that the gags were completly removed from the plot of the film, it kind of reminded me of an over the top Three Stooges – just somehow more casually racist and misognistic. The way the film was written up (“The first erotic arts action comedy.”), I half expected it to be a goofy soft core “Skinamax” style movie – but there was virtually no nudity to speak of (particulry considering the time it came out), which somehow was endearing in a way.”

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