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Wing Chun: Fighting Art -Michael Wong [DVD]


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Fighting Art is the final DVD in Master Wong’s exclusive Wing Chun training collection. Dealing with the very core of Wing Chun in its original intended capacity as a fighting art, this DVD will take you into the combat world of the lightning fast and devastatingly powerful Wing Chun Martial Art.

Wing Chun: Fighting Art gets straight to the point and is solely concerned with winning the fight and surviving the situation. The DVD focuses on some of the most important and best techniques from each of the three original forms. Using 45 techniques, it shows you the applications both offensively and defensively, taking you to the highest possible level in your Wing Chun combat-based training.

You will learn how to make the most effective use of the techniques taught and apply them in the real world. Master Wong guides you through real time, full force training using partners to learn what it is like to feel the situation and recognize the forces involved, giving you the ability to deal quickly and forcefully with any opponent This DVD also includes the full Wing Chun system, Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Jee and 116 wooden dummy form and applications.

Filmed as always to the highest standards and with Master Wong at his most impressive, this DVD is a must have for any serious Wing Chun practitioner.

Special Features:

  • Photo library
  • Latest DVD trailers
  • Police Advice
  • Interview with the Master
  • Special training menus and more

This DVD May contain some strong language.

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