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Valor Fighting Vol.1

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Since 2004, Valor Fighting has quickly established itself as a major proving ground for the next generation of Mixed Martial Arts stars. Valor’s mission is to develop superstar talent with the skill and presence needed to compete on the world stage, and now, for the first time on DVD, Valor unleashes and exhibits the skills of its diverse group of modern day gladiators to fight-fans worldwide!
Vernon “Tiger” White VS Justin Brugin
Kit Cope VS Mike Lucero
Eric Vance VS Amir Rahnavardi w/ Bas Ruten
Tony Roberts VS Kawika Morton
“Japanese Assassin” KEngo Ura VS Shannon Rich
Dennis “Superman” Hallman VS Nick Tyree
And more including special appearances by Randy Coture, Guy Metzger, and Ken Shamrock himself!
Plus – Bonus Fights; Battle of the Hometown Heroes; Knockout Reel, and more…

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