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Ultimate Fighting Championship: 1 and 2

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UFC 1 – In 1993, THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP exploded across the pay-per-view screens of fight fans around the globe. A no-holds-barred tournament of martial arts champions. Masters in the skills of boxing, jiu-jitsu, karate, kung-fu, sumo and more. Eight men fighting in single elimination to find one lone champion. Bare knuckle. Locked inside a steel Octagon. No rules. No weight limits. No referee. The fans who saw the first UFC would always remember. The fans who missed it would always regret. Until now! Finally the wait is over. In response to the thousands of requests from around the world, here is the original, ground shattering event: THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP 1: THE BEGINNING! UFC 2 – THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP is the most dangerous martial arts contest in the world! Sixteen of the planet’s toughest experts air off, in a locked steel cage and fight a bare-knuckle, full-contact combat, until one man stands undefeated. It’s Karate vs. Jiu-Jitsu vs. Russian Sambo vs. Kung Fu vs. Tae Kwon Do vs.Ninjitsu vs. Pencak Silat vs. Muay Thai Kickboxing and more! Fractured bones, stitches, contusions, concussions, lacerations, hematomas, hyper-extensions, torn ligaments, bruises and blood! AND IT’S ALL REAL! THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPTM is the only tournament of its kind on Earth! Banned in 49 states! No gloves. No pads. No judges’ scores. No restrictions, rounds or rules! In this tournament, you don’t just fight to win, you fight to survive. If you are looking for reality combat – THIS IS IT!

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