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UFC – Ultimate Knockouts DVD BOX SET – With Bonus Ultimate Submissions Disc


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“UFC – Ultimate Knockouts Vol. 1″Ultimate Knockouts shows the most spectacular KOs of the years 1993 to 2001. Experienced KOs through UFC greats from yesterday and today like Tank Abbott, Tito Ortiz, Viktor Belfort and Pedro Rizzo. We also look behind the scenes with some interviews and reports.Duration: 120 min.”UFC – Ultimate Knockout Vol. 2″Ultimate Knockouts 2 picks up exactly where Ultimate Knockouts ended and shows even more sensational KOs from UFC history.Today’s stars and legends of the past such as Phil Maroni, Robbie Lawler, Pedro Rizzo, BJ Penn, Mark Weir and Tank Abbott are all honored in the Octagon.Running time: 58 min.”UFC – Ultimate Knockout Vol. 3″The third episode of the Ultimate Knockouts offers even more fulminant fights. They pick up exactly where Ultimate Knockouts 2 ended and feature the most sensational KOs from 2002 and 2003. Among them are UFC superstars Chuck Liddell, Vitor Belfort, Ken Shamrock, Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski.Running time: 139 min.”UFC – Ultimate Knockout Vol. 4″Sequence number 4 now appears in the series of popular “Ultimate Knockouts” DVDs. Again, spectacular knockouts were put together as part of the UFC events. This time from the years 2004 and 2005. Represented are, among others, the superstars Chuck Liddell, Andrei Arlovski, Georges St. Pierre, Dave Terrell, Nick Diaz u. v. m.Duration: 75 min.

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