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UFC 9 – From Detroit, Michigan, UFC 9 is here to push the art of aggression not just to the line – but over it! Witness a change in UFC format, as the traditional elimination competition is replaced by six straight “winner-take-all” fights! It’s science over size as Moo Yea Do master Mark Hall faces off with Sumo wrestler Koji “The Japanese Giant” Kitao. UFC 8 champion Don “The Predator” Frye meets his most gruelling challenger in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert Amaury Bitetti.In a classic “puncher vs grappler” match-up, Kuk Sool Won striking powerhouse Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge attempts to stop Mark Schultz, the 1984 Olympic Freestyle Gold Medallist. And more! Still saving the best for last, witness The Superfight slugfest of past Superfight champion Ken Shamrock as he collides with UFC 5 and Ultimate Ultimate winner Dan Severn. In their first test of skills, Shamrock stunned the world by making quick work of the former Greco-Roman world champion. But for their rematch, Dan Severn vows, “UFC 9 is mine!”UFC 10 – This time around, the Octagon rolls into Birmingham, Alabama and a spellbound crowd witnesses the unprecedented fury as eight of this planet’s fiercest make the war until only one remains.Watch as UFC 8 champion Don “The Predator” Frye (often called “the best pound-for-pound fighter of UFC history”) takes it to Moo Yea Do expert Mark Hall. Then it’s Kickboxer vs Judoka as newcomer Scotty Fielder locks horns with Brian Johnston. Israeli Army Special Forces instructor Moti Horenstein tests his survival combat skills against “Massive” Mark Coleman, former Olympic wrestling competitor and the 1988 Ohio State NCAA champion. Next up: hang on as 4th degree Kuk Sul Won giant Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge stalks the superbly conditioned John Campetella, a kempo expert. And that’s just the first round!Full contact. Full strength. Full Fury. Nothing compares to The Ultimate Fighting Championship. And UFC 10? Everybody says there’s nobody meaner. It’s 10 times the pressure, 10 times the punishment, 10 times the pain. If you’re looking for all-out action all the way – “X” marks the spot!

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