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The Ultimate Fighter Season 2: Team Hughes vs. Franklin DVD (5 Discs)


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Episode 1: National PrideAll 16 fighters moved into the house, based in Australia and were introduced to Dana White and their respective coaches.Team Australia won the coin toss, meaning they got to pick the first fight; however, Team UK gained the right to state which weightclass would compete.Team UK’s Michael Pastou sustained a bicep injury in sparring and was later told that the injury would most likely need surgeryBenny Alloway defeated Valentino Petrescu via TKO (punches) at 0:42 of round 2.Episode 2: Freak or UniqueThe fighters got a surprise visit from UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos.Team UK’s Michael Pastou was forced out of the competition due to his bicep injury, and was replaced by Brendan Loughnane.During training Team UK’s Colin Fletcher decided to climb the scaffolding and put a fake moustache and eyepatch on George Sotiropoulos poster.With Team Australia in control, George puts Ben Wall against Colin Fletcher.Colin Fletcher defeated Ben Wall via unanimous decision.Episode 3: WasabiTeam Australia retaliate to Team UK by cutting out the head of the Ross Pearson poster and sticking it on the body of Arianny Celeste.Ross Pearson took Team UK outside to train to get in touch with nature in the rain.Colin Fletcher and Ben Wall are persuaded to snort lines of Wasabi and Peri Peri Sauce.With Team UK in control, Pearson puts Luke Newman against Robert Whittaker.Robert Whittaker defeated Luke Newman via KO at 0:19 of round 1.Episode 4: Pick Me!Team Australia tackle the outdoors by undertaking a long jog on the beach and doing some uphill sprints.Team Australia are fed up with Team UK’s lack of cleanliness.With Team Australia in control, George puts Richie Vaculik against Norman Parke.Colin Fletcher does naked laps around the tennis court.The pranks get out of hand when Team Australia effortlessly put training mats against Team UK’s changing room door. Team UK respond by tying a bucket full of coffee, water and honey to the door knob so that it is poured on to an unsuspecting victim. Team Australia get back at them by pouring a bucket of smelly water onto Team UK’s couches.Norman Parke defeats Richie Vaculik by unanimous decision.Episode 5: Fight for Your FamilyColin Fletcher defaces a poster of George Sotiropoulos in the house.Team Australia are not impressed with the house antics from Team UK which include food fights and more naked runs.With Team UK in control, Pearson puts Bola Omoyele against Manny Rodriguez.Luke Newman has thoughts of leaving the show and returning home as he can’t train with his current medical suspension. With his friend Bola Omoyele due to fight next, he needs convincing from his teammates and coaches before finally deciding to stay on and support his team.Manny Rodriguez defeats Bola Omoyele via north-south choke at 4:07 of round 1.Episode 6: True WarriorTeam Australia’s Manny Rodriguez was forced out of the competition after suffering a fractured leg in his previous bout, and was replaced by James Vainikolo.With Team Australia in control, George puts Patrick Iodice against Brendan Loughnane.Colin Fletcher dresses as the new replacement for Team Australia.Brendan Loughnane defeats Patrick Iodice by unanimous decision.Episode 7: Unwise WordsBen Wall joins Team UK in a food fight.Pearson announces the last welterweight quarter final fight; Brad Scott vs. Xavier LucasThe UFC has decided to have James Vainikolo fight his way into the semi finals. Team Australia chooses which UK fighter will fight him.Team UK reads through Brad Scott’s personal diary leaving many teammates upset.UFC Light Heavyweight, James Te Huna, visits Team Australia before their fight.Brad Scott defeats Xavier Lucas by unanimous decision.Episode 8: Phone HomeThe final lightweight quarter-final is announced, Grant Blackler vs. Mike Wilkinson.Dean Amasinger (a UK assistant coach) walked in on an Australian training session to find a book with valuable info on all members of Team UK. Sotiropoulos begins ordering Amasinger to leave, Pearson then walks in to defend Amasinger.The book is then revealed as stolen by members of Team Australian and is given back to the Team UK coaches.It is announced that James Vainikolo will not fight a member of Team UK, but instead, would fight Xavier Lucas, which angers UK welterweight Valentino Petrescu.Dana White scolds Team UK for using a cell phone to call home, and send text messages of fight results.Vainikolo could not make weight and the fight was called off, causing Xavier Lucas to move into the semifinals.Mike Wilkinson defeats Grant Blackler via Submission of round 1.Episode 9: Easy RouteBrad Scott defeats Benny Alloway via split decision after 3 roundsEpisode 10: Smash it UPNorman Parke defeats Brendan Loughane via unanimous decision after 3 roundsEpisode 11: Friendly FireRobert Whittaker defeats Xavier Lucas via TKO (punches) in round 1Episode 12: Little and LargeColin Fletcher defeats Richie Vaculik via submission (keylock) in round 2

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