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The Storm Warriors [DVD] [2009]


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From the acclaimed directors of The Eye comes the highly anticipated sequel to the groundbreaking action-fantasy epic, Storm Riders. Asian superstars Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok reprise their roles as Wind and Cloud: two legendary warriors with the power to control the elements.Their courage and skill maintains balance throughout the empire, until a ruthless Japanese warlord defeats Asias preeminent swordsman and absorbs all his powers to attain invincibility. To prevent this barbaric quest to conquer China, Wind recklessly gives himself over to the dark side of his mystical fighting arts, but as his power increases, he is completely overcome by evil. Now, Cloud must master an all-powerful sword-style to defeat the warlord and then face his brother in a titanic duel destined for greatness. Showcasing eye-popping visual effects and epic battle sequences that are nothing short of spectacular (Beyond Hollywood), Storm Warriors presents a stunning vision of a fantasy world that goes beyond your imagination, and will enthral and excite you from start to finish!

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