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The Power of Combat Taekwondo – Maurice Elmalem [DVD]


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This video will teach you the most exciting sport of fighting. Learn step-by-step self-defense and conditioning, whether it is for health, or just for fun. Two fighters are challenging each other, but only one can win that is where the game starts… One must be in good physical condition, have good fundamental martial art basics in punching, kicking, meditation, speed, force, energy in order to eliminate the opponent.

Stretching is essential before any work out. Breathing is important to avoid negative effect that is caused by the emotional tension before a fight and during fighting. Always be open minded learn new ways. Practice one step sparring and most important how to penetrate through your opponent counter attack.

Always go back to your basics before to carry on more advanced fighting practice. Think ahead, don’t fall into your attacker’s game. Have confidence in yourself, control and connect the mind with the body to win.

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