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The Immobilization Bible Marc Verillotte Franck Moreau


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COLLECTOR 2 DVDs Includes dvd Judo Immobilizations vol. 1 & 2 (ref dvd 232 dvd 244)The immobilization Bible.A unique density of techniquesIn this exceptional double DVD, more than 220 immobilization techniques are shown and explained by Marc Verillotte (winner of the Paris Tournament) and Franck Moreau (International FFJDA for 9 years).An exceptional panel of techniques, tactics and chain movements for professional fighters and novices.All the techniques are set in an opposition context, including the preparation work (turn over, going round, forcing) necessary before the decisive immobilization..- The basis, their variations and defenses.- Uke on all fours, Tori on the side or in the back.- Uke on all fours, tori in front of him.- Methods to release the legs.- Tori flat on his back, uke between the legs.- Uke flat on his back, tori between the legs.Languages : Francais – English – Deutsch – EspanolExtra features : The psychology of the strong man – Photo Gallery – Trailers240 mn

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