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The Enforcer [DVD]


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The amazing Jet Li plays a cop whose job keeps him from attending his son’s junior kung fu competitions in The Enforcer. When sent undercover to infiltrate the gang of a brutal mob boss, his arrest–part of his cover story–exposes his son to humiliation in school. Meanwhile, his wife falls deeper into illness. The Enforcer is a classic Hong Kong blend of dazzling kung fu action and outrageously sentimental subplots. Yet as silly as some situations may seem (and let’s be honest, they aren’t any more ridiculous than your average Sly Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger movie), they’re never boring, and when the spectacular fights begin it doesn’t matter–Jet Li’s stunning skill and natural charisma make him magnetic. Anita Mui–co-starring as a police detective tracking Li down–gets to do her share of fighting as well. In the finale, father and son team up for a battle as funny as it is spectacular. The stunts are jaw-dropping and the special effects, while not always perfectly realistic, are bursts of pure imagination.

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