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Tai Chi Exercises for Flexibility – Hun Yuan Silk Reeling Exercises for True Freedom of Movement [DVD]

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Improves circulation and relieves stress Strengthens the joints and tendons Tones the muscles Practice each individual movement, warm-up & warm-down Choose from 27 different sequences Suitable for all people. No pre-requisite necessary. Easy to do. These exercises are great for loosening up the joints, enabling you to enjoy freedom of movement. Ultimately, they will also help to develop spiralling energy within the body. These silk reeling movements benefit the joints, sinews and muscles and improve circulation. The circular movements strengthen the connective tissues and increase the secretion of synovial fluid which lubricates the joints, keeping them supple. People who have been practising these exercises have reported better coordination and an opening up of shoulders, back and waist. Rediscover how supple and flexible your body can be with these silk reeling exercises!

“I was advised to try Tai Chi after shoulder problems. I also have replacement knees and my husband has been diagnosed as diabetic to be controlled by diet and exercise, we have had this for some time, wish we had started using it sooner. It is easy to follow and in 20 minute sessions so is it perfect to use before meal time.

We used to practise yoga but are getting too old to get up and down from the floor. This is the answer for gentle exercise, keeping supple and feeling good. Highly recommended.”

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