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Shotokan Karate-Do – Master Ray Dalke – Mechanics #2 [DVD]


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Featuring Master Instructor Ray Dalke. This tape discusses the MECHANICS of Shotokan karate.

You will learn exactly what and why the techniques of this style of karate are the most powerful of all styles of traditional karate. Sensei Ray Dalke has been a student of the legendary Hidetaka Nishiyama for over 40 years and has learnt the inner secrets of the technique the way it was taught to him. Now you to will learn how and why these techniques really work. Not just the basic mechanics but the advanced principles that make this style absolutely devistating.

In this tape you will learn more of the mechanics behind Shotokan karate as never before explained in an easy to understand format. This tape is exceptional. APPROX 58 minutes Full Color.

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