Seven Samurai [DVD] [1954]


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A film Akira Kurosawa

In sixteenth-century Japan a poor village is raided every year by a group of bandits until, driven to the brink of starvation, the villagers decide to hire professional warriors to protect them. With only three meagre meals a day to offer as payment, their quest seems an impossible one.

A simple plot, flawlessly executed – Seven Samurai combines comedy, pathos, memorable characters, gripping tension and some of the finest action scenes ever filmed into an enthralling cinematic experience.

Kurosawa’s masterpiece testifies to his admiration for the classic Western, and in 1960 John Sturges repaid the compliment by remaking Seven Samurai as The Magnificent Seven.

At 190 minutes this is the most complete version of the film available, and has been digitally remastered from a new print.

The DVD features moving menus, chapter selection, on-screen biographies and a video essay by film historian Philip Kemp.

Japan | 1954 | black & white | Japanese language with English subtitles | 190 minutes | Ratio 1.33:1

Region 2 DVD


‘One of the purest adventure movies ever made’ –Rolling Stone

‘..the yardstick by which all other action movies should be measured’ –Empire

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