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Self-Defense With 5 Great Europeans Experts


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SELF DEFENSE AGAINST ATTACKS FROM THE FRONT, FROM THE SIDE & FROM BEHINDWith 5 Great European Experts – Ref : DVD 90For the first time on DVD, discover 5 Great European Experts who show you more than 120 Self Defense techniques against all kinds of attacks : front, side, behind. Richard Douieb in KravMaga, Franck Ropers in Penchak Silat, Eric Laulagnet in Kali -Jeet Kune Do, Eric Quequet in Adac Defense & Michel Carron in Taekwondo, gather as a big family to demonstrate in his own way how to counter the same attack. In order to better know these experts and their styles, you will find in the extra features interviews with each author.LANGUAGES : Francais – English – Deutsch – EspanolEXTRA FEATURES : Chapters – Interactive Menus – Interviews – Photo Gallery – Trailers

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