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Penchak Silat Absolute Efficiency Frank Ropers


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An Indonesian martial art, the Penchak Silat includes a very complete technique range, really devastating.In this DVD, Franck Ropers shows a fighting art without weapons and also the way to react with different weapons.You may be a Budoka or not, you will find in the Penchak Silat martial a knowledge that you won’t find elsewhere. To complete your knowledge and your efficiency when fighting, the Penchak Silat is the best you could find.The author, Franck Ropers : Penchak Silat teacher, trained by Charles Joussot, famous knives expert and bodyguard coach, Franck Ropers has been in several courses under the supervision of the Indonesian Master “Guru Turpijn”, 8th degree.To this day, Franck Ropers has remained an undisputed fight expert, including the Penchak Silat techniques.InformationsReference: DVD 020Category: Pencak Silat | Self defenseProducer: I-ProdDirector: Christophe DIEZYear of production: 2004Runtime: 50 mDVD complementary informationLANGUAGES : Francais – English – Deutsch – EspanolExtra features : Photo gallery – Trailers – InterviewFormat : DVD 5 – PAL – Stereo – All Zones – ColorRatio : 4/3

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