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Pencak Silat The Art Of Great Warriors


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The Indonesian Art of FightingThe art of the great warriorsIn this second volume, watch once again the 5 Great masters derived from 5 great Pencak Silat’s styles:Syofyan Nadar from Bayang’s styleYayan Ruhian from P.S.T.D’s styleCecep Arif Rahman from Panglipur’s styleKustiwa Gunawan from Ciung Wanara’s styleNi Luh Putu Spyanawati from Bakti Negara’s styleThey even go further in the Pencak Silat’s techniques, for you to get all the knowledge to master those 5 styles and to know everything there is to know about it.Each master shows you how to shoot back at the same attack (punch, kick, catch, strangulation and real situation attacks) according to their very own style.This martial art is not only a means to develop your own body and to learn to defend yourself efficiently but it is as well a means of access to a mental strong enough to control your feelings and thus your life.InformationsReference: DVD 213Category: Pencak SilatProducer: I-ProdDirector: Christophe DIEZYear of production: 2008Runtime: 1 hDVD complementary informationLANGUAGES : Francais – English – Deutsch – Espanol – IndonesiaExtra features : Photo gallery – Trailers – Interview – PerformanceFormat : DVD 5 – PAL – Stereo – All Zones – ColorRatio : 4/3

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