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Masterclass Judo Vol. 1 [DVD]


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There is no question that the art of Judo developed by the late Grandmaster Jigoro Kano is one of the most popular sports and styles of martial arts, due to its effectiveness in real combat. A direct student of Oda Sensei, Master Toshikazu Okada has spent decades studying under the legendaries masters of Kodokan and analyzing the different components of this revolutionary sport. In this first of a two-volume DVD series, he reveals step-by-step secrets of the main techniques and principles used in the art and sport of Judo. All the principles and concepts are analyzed and explained with clear and precise descriptions. Sensei Okada is one of the most knowledgeable Kodokan instructors in the art of Ne-Waza and Kosen Judo. This is the ultimate DVD series on the subject of submission and the art of groundwork or Ne Waza. Learning this information will give you an arsenal of combinations and possibilities that will enable you to get complete control over your opponent in any kind of combat sport event and self-defense situation.

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