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Kyokushinkai Kata-Bunkai Vol.2


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After the basic Katas approached in the first DVD of this series, Shihan Bertrand Kron, several times the Kata Europe championship finalist introduces in this second DVD the higher basis katas which are Tsuki no Kata, Yantsu, Geksai Dai, Geksai Sho and Saiha, with in bonus the Kumite Kyokushin Sono Ichi & Sono Ni.Each Kata is presented in slow motion under different angle then explained.Each training is demonstrated in a concrete application (Bunkai) following the Kyokushinkai idea: perfect respect of the Kata’s move, but still a linking efficient realism in the fight. Kata is then presented another time at a normal speed .All to make this DVD a real educational tool complementary with the first DVD of the series.Languages : French – English – Deutsch – SpanishExtra features : Kumite kyokushin sono ichi – Kumite kyokushin sono ni – chapters – interactive menus – photo gallery – trailers

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