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Kyokushin Syllabus Vol.1


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BeginnersBy F.K.O.K.After 42 years of exclusive Kyokushin style practice, Shihan Bretrand Kron, 6th Dan, who is Head Instructor at the Papendal International Summer Camp, will introduce you in this DVD to the technical improvement program as imagined by Master Oyama, founder of this world-famous style recognized for its efficiency in fighting.In this first program, which goes from the white belt to the blue belt grade, the Kihon (static techniques and positions), the Ido Keiko (movements), the Kokyu Ho (breathing), stamina (physical preparation), and the different approaches to fighting are presented from various view points with complete and extended explanations on the most fundamental details.The different parts of this DVD make it a reference aid as much for the instructors as for the pupils, and an essential means for further training alongside with Dojo lessons. You will find as extra features the first three Kumite Kyokushin that are now part of the federal grade crossing program starting from the 1st Dan.Languages : Francais – English – Deutsch – EspanolExtra Features : Photo gallery – Trailers – Kumite kyokushin70 mn

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