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Krav Maga Training Alexandre Vanderlinden Jean-Michel Lerho


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By Jean-Michel LERHO & Alexandre VANDERLINDENHow to design a lesson or a course?You will know everything in this DVD thanks to the educational and professional experience of these two experts:To start, how to make a good warm-up and cool-down.Then you will see how to articulate and make the best of the different phases of learning: Introduction – Improvement – scenario.The authors will also present evaluation and fluidity drills.The methodology developed here is applied in the Belgian Association of Krav Maga, the Belgian Army, the Federal Police and the Corps special de Securite.The authors:Jean-Michel Lerho : Europe Technical Director of the World Krav Maga Federation and at the head of the training of the corps special de securite in the Ministry of Justice.Alexandre Vanderlinden : Belgium technical Director of the World Krav Maga Federation, expert in controlling violence in the federal police, and at the head of “Close Combat de la Defense” trainings.LANGUAGES : Francais – English – Deutsch – EspanolEXTRA : Trailers – Photo Gallery113 mn

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