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Krav Maga Kapap Gun And Knife Ciro Lenti


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By Ciro LENTIYou will find in this DVD various professional self-defence techniques, especially against guns and knives, which are detailed through different purposes in Krav Maga or Kapap. Keep in mind that in most cases, when facing a weapon, the best thing to do will always be to run away. But when running away is not possible and when confrontation is inevitable, it is fundamental to know the techniques that will enable you to react quickly and appropriately.You will study some defence moves against unarmed attacks, threats with a knife to the throat; the stomach, in the back, on the side as well as defence moves against threats with a gun from the front, the back, the side, from a short and medium distance Firearms and knives can easily cause serious injury and even death. The techniques featured in this DVD aim at developing reflex actions and minimize risks.Ciro LENTI has been an expert in Krav Maga for 10 years. He is also President and Techical Director of the Professional Self Defence Academy (Italy).Languages : French – English – German – Spanish – ItalianExtra features : Photo Gallery – Trailers

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