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Karate – Shito-Ryu – Hayashi-Ha. Kata & Bunkai


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In this ambitious project, J. M. Martin, famed master of masters and world champions, addresses the monumental tasks of teaching the advanced Kata of Shito – Ryu Karate of Master Hayashi linage. He does even more for this series of Kata, also teaching in detail their Bunkai. Recorded over several years, these karate Kata are deep, rich and intense and have made this line of Karate, the reference for speed, beauty, accuracy and elegance worldwide. This the first DVD includes three of the most renowned higher Kata: Pachu, Seipai and Nipaipo, the line from Naha-Te. Pachu: Their characteristics are those of the style, with movements in advanced and elusive techniques. This Kata is part of a group whose goal is the understanding of the movements for later learning Aanan Kata, one of the most difficult. Nipaipo: it means ’28 moves’ is the ‘White Crane Kata’. Very advanced and used in high competition, has very interesting techniques as Sashi-te, with frequent strikes and other rare techniques such as Ippon ken. Seipai: number 18 in the Chinese language. This kata comes from the Shaolin Temple in Shandong. It belongs to the series Seisan Kata. It contains many techniques ‘hidden’, designed to confuse the enemy in combat.

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