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Karate for Confidence [DVD]


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The DVD is suitable for all karate-ka, but particularly aimed at youngsters who make up 75% of practising students worldwide. It is hoped that it will build up confidence for many youngsters who are often intimidated by other children, either in the classroom or in the playground. If they have self-belief they are less likely to become targets. Through their karate training and the whole ethos of karate (i.e. to help others, to be a strong confident person by continuous self-improvement through a lifelong process of learning) I believe they will become good members of our society. All the pairs in the Washinkai grading syllabus from beginner to black belt are included in this DVD. Explanation is given of how pairs have been incorporated into this system, as well as how pairs have evolved over the last century. Many of the pairs shown have been developed as a result of Chris Thompson’s own experience on the competition circuit or through jissen (actual fighting) Three kata have been selected from three different schools of karate: Jion (from the style of Shotokan); Kururunfa (from the style of Goju-kai) and Anan (from the style of Shito-Ryu). All three are currently used on competition circuit with great success and bunkai for each one is shown. “Karate for Confidence” is one in a series of DVD’s. With these DVD’s karate students will have in their possession the building blocks to continue their karate training, underpinning the knowledge they gain in the dojo.

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