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Kali Basic Techniques


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By Fidele TATEFO WAMBA, Guillaume GLANDOR & Willy VALVERDEKali includes all combat distances: long, short, body to body, standing and on the ground, and armed techniques (sticks, knives etc…) bare hands (feet, fist, elbow, keys, wrestling etc).In this dvd you will discover, learn and take in step by step Kali principles in 3 phases: beginners, advanced beginners and advanced. These techniques will able you to really move forward in any martial art you are practicing.In this first volume you will discover the possible transitions between different types of combat:-Feet/fist-Keys-Gunting, destruction technique with knees and elbows-Sticks-And lots moreYou will learn to use the flow in your practice. It’s the most important objective in Kali. This will implicate putting to life every movement and techniques so that everything flows and that the movements are done with no distraction. And more so, you will learn to merge in your opponent’s attacks and therefore use the forces in harmony.Languages: Francais – English – Deutsch – EspanolBonus: Training – chapters – interactivity – photo galler

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