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Kali Advanced Techniques


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Fidele TATEFO WAMBA, Guillaume GLANDOR & Willy VALVERDEIn this second volume of the series, you will gain a deeper insight into the specificities of Kali, the realistic and explosive fighting system.The advanced level will enable you to make the techniques learnt on the first volume evolve. You will discover some new and make your FLOW progress.All fighting fields remain taught: bare and armed hands.This will help you understand how a defense against an armed attacker or not has to be organized. It will develop some qualities essential to any fighter: fluidity, adaptability, and above all efficiency. Everything that is not applicable or realistic is excluded.It is your turn! Whatever your favorite style is, you will find here essential and outstanding tools.Languages : Francais – English – Deutsch – EspanolExtra Features : Photo gallery – Trailers70 mn

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