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Kajukenbo Belt Promotion White Belt To Brown Belt


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Master Angel GARCIA SOLDANOIn this 5th DVD, with Great Master Angel Garcia, worldwide representative of Kajukenbo and successor of Master Emperado, we proudly introduce to you the Kajukenbo Evolution KSDI official program for belt promotion.The program in Kajukenbo is always changing and not fixed since the first principle is the acceptance of variants which are time, era, group needs, other styles, objectives, soul searching, and continual changes.Continually refine our performances.Kajukenbo’s technical program is consistent with the art’s frame of mind and objective, that is to say in motion.In this new program, we will introduce to you the basis and the adaptation to speed, coordination, and synchronization between the upper part and the lower part, fists, legs.The DVD was shot during the training by Master Angel Garcia in Paris.We thank him for his high-level teaching and his listening to sportsmen’s needs.Luis and Joe DiazFrance’s Technical Directors.Languages : Francais – English – Deutsch – EspanolExtra Features : Photo gallery – Trailers – Internships – Interview63 mn

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