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Judo Marc Verillotte


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Quickly improve your judo techniquesDetailed description of the 4 throws categoriesThis video presents all the elements that are required for a quick improvement of your Judo techniques.Traditional throws techniques will be focused on and presented clearly and with precision. The four categories of throws (legs, arms, sacrifice and hips techniques) are detailed.These demonstrations are shown with technical and detailed explanations. Many lessons and exercises allow you to understand how to position your body and how to move in order to succeed in practicing those techniques.For each family of movements, specific flash exercises are here to trengthen your muscles.The video also features a complete demonstration with applications for competition. You will discover variations of traditional techniques as well as new techniques that came from modern competition for a greaterfficiency.InformationsReference: DVD 085Category: JudoProducer: I-ProdDirector: Christophe DIEZYear of production: 2003Runtime: 55 mDVD complementary informationLANGUAGES : Francais – English – Deutsch – EspanolExtra features : Photo gallery – Trailers – Making of (with subtitles)Format : DVD 5 – PAL – Stereo – All Zones – ColorRatio : 4/3

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