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Jaguar Lives! [DVD]

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Jaguar Lives, featuring Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings) and scenery chewing master class in screen villainy from Donald Pleasence (Halloween), is a James Bond-riffing action classic from the Halcyon days of the back street video shop.

1979 World Karate Champion Joe Lewis is the Jaguar; a man betrayed who is drawn back into the shady world of international crime fighting when a Heroin cartel sweeps to power across the Middle East and threatens to unbalance world peace. Only one man can infiltrate the borderless gang of criminal masterminds and that man is… The Jaguar. He will stop at nothing and he s ready to kill to bring down the pushers and keep the streets clean.

The Jaguar Man of Action, Master of Martial Arts, Lady Killer is here to save the world again in a 70s B-Movie classic that ll blow your mind. Packed with fast cars, big fights and bigger explosions, Jaguar Lives is a square jawed Rollercoaster ride to wall-to-wall Kung Fu and white hot action!

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