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Infinite T’ai Chi [DVD] [1995]


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Jason Chan has practised Martial Arts and Tai-Chi since his childhood in Hong Kong. His teachings and Infinite Tai-Chi form restore vitality, natural health and inner strength, and his wish is to create a brighter environment for all. Start with just ten minutes gentle practice of Infinite Tai-Chi a day and you could regain the power to tell your body how it feels. Release and overcome stress. Attain physical, mental and emotional balance. Get relaxing relief for joint pain, migraine and back pain and more with this great DVD. Expert guidance takes you step by step through the form and the techniques of breathing and element movement. As with all fitness programmes remember to check with your Doctor before you begin. Do not exercise on a full stomach and do wear suitable clothing. Stylish music and elegant surroundings set off this graceful and timeless art form.

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