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The Chris Kent Kickboxing Course [DVD]

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An instructional programme for beginner and intermediate student which includes: warm-up and essential preparation; fighting stances for attack and defence; basic punches and kicks; bag work, block and counter moves; sparring and fitness training.

This programme has been produced in association with the Sama Karate Club and Chris Kent, former undefeated British PKA Lightweight Champion. Chris demonstrates in superb detail the basics of kickboxing and the techniques which earned him a worldwide reputation as a fighter, Britain’s top kickboxing coach and a trainer of champions.

An instructional programme for beginners and intermediate students which offers practical help in perfecting the techniques you have learnt. The programme starts and ends with two all-action fight sequences from Championship bouts.


  • Warm-up session, essential preparation.
  • Fighting stances, how to stand and move to prepare for attack or defence.
  • Basic punches – jabs, crosses, hook punch, uppercuts and combinations.
  • Basic kicks – front kick, round kick, side kick.
  • Bag work to practice all the combinations you have learnt.
  • Block and counter, defending against your opponent’s techniques.
  • Sparring, putting all the moves together.
  • Fitness training with Roger Silsbury, European Kickboxing Champion.

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