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Further Essentials Of Karate [DVD]


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‘Further Essentials of Karate’ demonstrates techniques for both the beginner and the more advanced student. The techniques required in the first grading of Washinkai karate, 8th kyu, are performed by a Spanish Club Instructor. Basic punches, blocks, kicks and turns are shown. Detailed explanations of what is required for your very first grading are given. Also demonstrated are a selection of techniques with a partner. Formal attacks as required in a grading are shown and then the same attacks are executed realistically, often with a weapon. Sensei Thompson concludes this DVD by performing the following seven kata: Kushanku, Tenshin-sho, Naihanchi, Chinto, Seishan, Bassai and finally, Wanshu. All of the kata demonstrated are used not only in the Washinkai syllabus but also in other wado-based styles. The history of each kata is given and the kata filmed from different angles. Chris Thompson is the Chief Instructor of the British Traditional Karate Association, an organisation that prides itself on the high standards of both instructors and students. He has been the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the English Karate Governing Body and also the Technical Director of the English Karate Governing Body. This DVD is the follow-up to the successful “Essentials of Karate” and “Dynamic Essentials of Karate”

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