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Fitness 3 DVD Box Set


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DVD 1Maximum StgretchingIn order to stay healthy, to prepare the body for a continuous effort, or to gain suppleness, stretching is the reference activity. Nikki Berwick, English champion in artistic martial arts, presents her personal Stretching method. Thanks to her method and to your commitment, your body will gain suppleness and well being.LANGUAGES : Francais – English – Deutsch – Espanol – PortuguesEXTRA FEATURES : Chapters – Interactive Menus – Photo Gallery – TrailersDVD2Natural WorkoutFrom the beginner to the advanced level this film helps you to develop your muscles and your body in a natural and harmonious way, depending on your objectives. The exercises that are shown do not require the use of specific equipment (just a pair of dumbbell and nothing else). Within the reach of everyone.LANGUAGES : Francais – English – Deutsch – Espanol – PortuguesEXTRA FEATURES : Chapters – Interactive Menus – Making of – Photo Gallery – TrailersDVD 3Total FitnessFilmed on location and with different angles, Total Fitness aims particularly to the persons willing to stay fit. This program is adapted to everyone. Let you be guided by Christophe CARRIO, who’s a physical instructor and a private coach, and by Nathalie GUARINOS, who’s a fitness professor. They will help you to improve your tonicity and your shape along the year.LANGUAGES : FrancaisEXTRA FEATURES : Chapters – Interactive Menus – Extra Exercises – Making of – Advice – Trailers

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