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Dynamic Essentials Of Karate

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Demonstration of important techniques, shown at full speed and in slow motion and from different angles. The perfect way to polish your Karate as a sequel to ‘Essentials of Karate’. Chris Thompson is the founder of the Washinkai Style and Chief Instructor of the British Traditional Karate Association (BTKA), an international organisation that prides itself on the high standards of both instructors and students. He is currently a member of the EKGB Technical Committee. This programme demonstrates: Kihon – basic kicks and punches which form the foundation of true Karate-do. Includes: Kette Junzuki, Kette Gyakuzuki, Kette Junzuki No Tsukkomi, Kette Gyakuzuki No Tsukkomi, Tobikomizuki, Nagashizuki. Basic Kicking drills: Mawashigeri, Sokuto, Ushirogeri, Uramawashigeri. Kata – the life and soul of Karate-do. Seipai, Seienchin and Anan, with Bunkai (application) have been selected. All three are personal favorites of Sensei Chris Thompson. Kumite – distance work (Ma-ai), timing (Ma) and Ippon Kumite (one step sparring). Pre-arranged pairs (Yakushoku Kumite). Semi free fighting (Ohyo Kumite 11-18) This section includes Knife Defence-developed by Sensei Chris Thompson – practical ways of dealing with an assailant brandishing a knife. Ji-Yukumite – free fighting – actual sparring shown at a slower speed where you can see the techniques being delivered. All these set techniques are part of the Washinkai syllabus.

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