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Drunken Master [DVD]


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Stunning, ground-breaking martial-arts, from the world’s most famous action-star. On the year of it’s original release Drunken Master sent Jackie Chan’s rising star soaring into orbit, and gave martial arts cinema one of its most accomplished and best-loved action-adventures.

Under the guidance of Sam Seed (Yuen Siu Tien), Fei Hung (Chan) endures some of the most tortuous training ever devised in a bid to master the devastating art of Drunken Bowing. His climactic battle with ace kick-fighter Hwang Jang Lee, which highlights the Eight Drunken Mortals, is a breath-taking showcase and a glowing tribute to the awesome physical talents of both performers. The result is on of the most innovative, fun-filled, action-packed martial-arts adventures ever to be grace the silver screen. You’d need to be drunk to miss it!!

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