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Chuck Norris – Good Guys Wear Black [DVD]

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John T. Booker (Chuck Norris) leads a quiet life as a political science professor, but is haunted by his US Army past in Vietnam. Sent on a mission to rescue American POWs, Booker’s squad had been almost entirely wiped out, the remaining six soldiers enduring three weeks in the jungle before making their way to safety. Years later, a killer begins picking off the surviving members of the team, and Booker sets out to stop him before his name is added to the hitlist.

Chuck Norris stars as John T. Booker, Leader of the Black Tigers, a US Army Special Forces unit in Vietnam charged with rescuing POWs from behind enemy lines. During one mission, half of his 12-man team is ambushed. Booker and the other five survivors spend three harrowing weeks in the jungle fighting their way back to freedom.

Years pass, but Booker — now a political science professor at a Southern California college — cannot escape the recurring nightmares triggered by his years in Vietnam. The past is thrust graphically into the present when he learns that a mysterious killer is methodically assassinating each of the remaining Black Tigers. Though he had hoped to resume a normal life, Booker sets out to track down the assailant. With the help of an inquisitive Senate investigator (Anne Archer) and his CIA agent friend (Lloyd Haynes) Booker must stop the bloodshed and find out what the US state department’s and Under Secretary Conrad Morgan (James Franciscus) involvement was in the Black Tigers’ last mission …

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