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Capoeira Spectacular 3 DVD Box Set


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DVD 1100% Capoeira (includes 3 films)1 – DISCOVER THE LEGENDARY CAPOEIRA2 – CAPOEIRA 100% ANGOLA3 – CAPOEIRA REGIONALThe Senzala group is one of the most representative groups of Capoeira. This dvd presents you a pedagogic part including different techniques, and a demonstration part showing the Angola style and the Regional style through a mix of the richest Rodas.LANGUAGES : Francais – English – Deutsch – Espanol – PortuguesEXTRA FEATURES : Chapters – Interactive menus – Photo gallery – TrailersDVD 2Basic Techniques of CapoeriaMaster Paulinho Sabia and his group, Capoeira Brasil present the basic techniques of Capoeira : strikes, escapes, moving, acrobatics, etc. Nothing is forgotten. The techniques are explained in a dojo, and also shown in location, in the Rodas rondes.LANGUAGES : Francais – English – Deutsch – Espanol – PortuguesEXTRA FEATURES : Chapters – Interactive Menus – Interview with master Sabia – Rodas – TrailersDVD 3Capoeira 100% Spectacular vol 2Capoeira Brasilhe first volume made you discover this art that belongs to the cultural and historical heritage of Brazil by taking you to Brazil and the beautiful Copacabana beach. This second volume takes you even deeper into the amazing Circles. We chose the best actions of the great circles that took place in Europe with the best masters, supervisors, instructors, professorsof the Capoeira Brasil Group.Don’t you miss this second volume that is more acrobatic, more explosive, quickler, more technicalLANGUAGES : AmbianceEXTRA FEATURES : Chapters – Interactive menus – Photo Gallery -Trailers

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