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Broken Fist [DVD]

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A blistering, white-knuckle ride of a martial-arts film that delivers high intensity and high-impact martial-arts action.

Jack (Johnny Yong Bosch) and Lisa (Pamela Joy Walworth) have recently moved to their dream home in the country, away from the hassles of the city and who want a simple and safe life to raise their daughter. Settling into the new surroundings and getting to know their neighbours, life looks on the up. Yet this is shattered when a group of camo-clad, mask wearing assailants storm the house and begin to attack and torment them.

Confused, scared and, at first, struck down by these assailants, the young couple soon fight back. Jack begins to display some ferocious fighting skills in retaliation to his attackers, skills his wife was not aware of. Showing he is just as adept at martial arts and killing as the invaders, Lisa begins to question who her husband really is. Jack, meanwhile, is only concerned with surviving and getting his wife to safety. However, when several of the attackers suggest they knew Jack from a previous time and with one of them wishing to help them, Jack and Lisa’s life and relationship is thrown into a whirlwind of action and chaos as identities are questioned and survival is threatened.

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