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Boxing Top 10 [2000]


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This programme contains probably thebest collection of great fights ever seen on one video.The Sunhavetrawled the greatest boxing archives in the world to create an explosivecollection of boxing action from early fighting legends to modern day monsters of the ring We have chosen five explosive categories and run a Top 10countdown of the very best action:Top 10 Greatest KOsA KO is the ultimate finish quick, brutal and devastating. Our Top 10countdown includes some of the greatest punchers in the world from theblindingly fast to the bone crushing heavy weights. Includes Naseem Hamed, JoeFrazier, George Foreman, Joe Louis and Mike Tyson.Top 10 ComebacksAnything can and often does happen in the ring one piercing punch cancompletely turn a fight around. This selection captures some of the all timegreat escapes, such as Moore v. Durelle, Robinson v. Turpin II, Hamed v. Kelleyand how a blinded Cassius Clay recovered to beat Sonny Liston.Top 10 Big FinishesFeaturing clinical and spectacular finishes from Thomas Hearns, Mike Tyson,Jack Dempsey, Muhammad Ali and many more.Top 10 FightsThese are the fights that last long in our memories the battles that showultimate skill, courage and determination, featuring Louis v. Schmelling II,Benn v. McClellan, Douglas v. Tyson, Leonard v. Hearns I, Hagler v. Hearns,plus theRumble in the Jungleand theThriller inManila.Top 10 FightersThe Sun’s countdown of the greatest fighters that have ever lived.

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