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Every ten years, from the twilight shadows of Hong Kong’s criminal Underbelly, A phenomenon emerges which rocks society to the very fore of its foundations. Marital Arts wizard Chiu Man Chuk (The Blacksheep Affair, The Blade) stars as Kwan, the hard-edge detective charged with heading-up the most disturbing murder hunt in Hong Kong criminal history.

The devastating physical attributes of sexy newcomer Angie Cheung guarantee compulsive viewing, as she uses the ultimate weapon–her body. In an attempt to ensnare the Killer and bring to an end his grizzly reign of terror. A Daring psychological thriller combining the twisted sexuality and flamboyant savagery of Naked Killer with the physical masterstrokes of Jackie Chan in High Gear, Body Weapon is a tantalising amphetamine rush of Breath-Taking Martial Arts and steamy eroticism that impacts on the senses with delirious intensity.

If you want to witness the most “over-the-edge” movie to come our of Hong Kong in recent years–look no further….

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