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Beginning Wado-Ryu Karate – Yellow to Blue Belt with 7th Dan Doug James

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This DVD is an introduction to one of the more popular Oriental Styles of Martial Arts – Wado Ryu Karate – which means loosely translated – “The Way of Peace and Harmony”. This is Volume 1 of the “Karate Master Class Series”. Wado Ryu Karate is an excellent way to Learn Discipline, Self Control, Develop Self Defence Skills, Instil Confidence, Improve Fitness and Vitality – This programme will help you with guidance to start from the absolute beginning. An excellent starter pack for all students wanting to learn Wado Ryu Karate, you will be taken through each stage, starting from the basic punches and kicks through to the more advanced movements and techniques. In this DVD, Karate Master Doug James 7th Dan Black Belt, Chojinkai Karate Founder / Chief Instructor, WKF World Qualified Referee and highly regarded as one of Europe’s Top Professional Instructors, will demonstrate in detail the following techniques, which will take you through each belt from beginner through to blue belt 5th Kyu: Basic Forms – Pinan Katas – Shodan, Nidan, Sandan & Yodan all shown with – Bunkai – explanation of technique. Pre-arranged fighting techniques – 12 Basic Ippon Gumite, Full Ippon Gumite 1 & 2, Ohyu Gumite 1 & 2. Also included is Basic Training Tips plus a short documentary on “Doug James & The Chojinkai success story”.

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