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Anna Kournikova: Basic Elements – My Complete Fitness Guide [DVD]


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Golden-haired, tennis beauty Anna Kournikova presents this fitness programme, which is equally suitable for athletes and non-body-sculpted adults alike. The warm-up and workout routines included will help enhance aerobic fitness, strengthen mucles and increase agility and endurance.

Tennis star Anna Kournikova might be one of the hottest names around the circuit, but whether her fitness video Basic Elements will get you up and running is another matter. Filmed more like a promotional video for both Kournikova and a fitness gadget known as the medicine ball, this can seem more like a slot on a shopping channel than a straightforward workout. The sections on warm ups, simple weights, the medicine ball, and an advanced section on the lower body are amply punctuated with shots of Kournikova on and off court. While gym instructors might certainly gain useful ideas, presented rather than created by the young tennis star, the rest of us are left a little bemused. Lying on an ordinary ball to lift weights is beyond most people as they would slide off! There is insufficient detail on the purpose of each exercise, the scope for mistakes, and above all the precision of technique. As for the token health advice which amounts to ample helpings of French toast or pancakes, and a high-fibre diet rather than a low fat one, if you really want a figure like Kournikova’s don’t try this at home! —Lorna V

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