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An Introduction to Tai Chi: Chi Kung [2011] [DVD]


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Tai Chi Chi Kung is a harmonious interaction of body, mind and spirit. Focussing on the flow of Chi energy through and around the body, a series of ancient movements and routines will help you calm yourself, relax or concentrate your physical strength and collect your spiritual strength to cope with a stressful or indeed energetic situation. Tai Chi Chi Kung is a combination of movements and meditation techniques whose fundamental roots can be tracked back to China and it is still widely practised on a regular basis there. Lucy Lloyd Barker presents this intriguing programme, explaining its history and guiding you through a complete Tai Chi Chi Kung routine. Tai Chi Chi Kung can be practised anywhere, with little or no special equipment or assistance making it a versatile and effective way to focus your mind, relax your body and enrich your spirit.

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