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Aikido – Seigo Yamaguchi – A Seminar in Paris, 1987 [DVD]


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We proudly announce the release of the first publicly available DVD featuring famous Aikikai Hombu Dojo instructor, Seigo Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi Sensei was one of the most important of the first generation of aikido instructors of the postwar era. He taught at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo for several decades until his passing in 1996. Having now become nearly a legend, Yamaguchi Sensei influenced several generations of practitioners within the Aikikai system during his career including many of today’s senior instructors of the Headquarters school. Yamaguchi Sensei’s aikido had a unique flavor that was appealing to thousands of aikidoka who came into contact with him during his long teaching career. His style was characterized by a powerful, spontaneous technique adapted freely to rapidly changing circumstances. His movements ranging from soft to explosive must be seen to be appreciated. The present video represents a rare look at Yamaguchi Sensei in his prime during a seminar held in Paris, France in 1987. Now aikido everywhere will have an opportunity to experience his instruction and superlative technique for the first time ever! This invaluable program is available with complete subtitles in English and French for greater accessibility to an international audience.

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