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2004 Masters Exhibitions


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1st Annual International Open Traditional Kung-Fu Wushu Championship Gathered here are some of the greatest living masters of the traditional Kung Fu styles. A showcase of authentic Hung Ga, Jow Ga, Choy Lay Fut, Praying Mantis, Wing Chun and Northern Shaolin, plus some rarely seen forms in America such as Shadow less Track Buddha fist, Choi Mok style, and Dragon Fist. Attending this unprecedented event was a large delegation of leading masters from Hong Kong, all of whom demonstrated their traditional fighting forms. A real treasure for any A old schoo lA kung fu fan! Masters demonstrating in this video include: Au Kwok Shing, Pedro Cepero-Yee, Chan Kwok Shing, Chen Qing Biao, Cheung Wai Quin, David Chin, Nelson Chin, Chiu Man On, Bow Sim Mark, Mark Elefane, Glen Guerin, Ha Tak Kin, Derrick Johnson, Lau Biu, Lau Yuen Ngan. Hoy Lee, Johnny Lee, Samson Lee, Tammy Lee, Cheng Chi Hung, Lee Hau Chuen, Lee Kam Wing, Lee Yuen Tim, Lee Yun Fook, John Leong, Robin Leong, Leuung Yat Yu, Li Siu Hung, Li Shudong, Helen Liang, Harry Lo, Ken Low, Johnny Lu, Lung Chi Fai, Joe Keit, Rong Li, John Su, Sam Ng, Reza Momenan, Wai Lap Ki, Wong Kwok Cheung, Wong Pui Tong, Wong Shuk Yi, Tony Yang, Frank Yee, Hilbert Yiu, Henry Poo Yee, Zhong Luo, and more! (80 min.)

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